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Even love is made of drink: it just needs the right dose

Gavena & Me


I started my passion for cachaça in my hometown, São Bernardo do Campo, at Boteco Liverpool, around 1996.


decided  gather some friends, where everyone preferred to drink beer and I decided to try a cachaça that was there on the shelf between the whiskeys. Was when  I took my first “Sip” of Sugarcane Brandy (as it was called at the time), I remember that it went down very well, leaving a pleasant sensation and it was very inviting to have another one.

Since then, over the years I have been improving my visual, olfactory and tasting analyses. I have visited some farms to get to know their alembics and their particularities,

studied to increase my knowledge and so  I was improving myself more and more and increasing even more this passion for cachaça!

Unique flavor with a mild aroma

Contacts / TEL: +55 19 9 7118 2023

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